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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 14, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EST

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attack. and colin kaepernick is " "gq's" new person of the year. gq calls him a powerful sim billisim -- symbol of activism. the last time we talked about world cup soccer it was not a great hommoment. we were talking about the u.s.'s failure to qualify. >> well, the u.s. is in good company. now that italy will not be going to russia either. italian players sobbed on the field. >> oh. >> after failing
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which meant they didn't qualify. >> jack is so sad. it is the first time that italy will miss a world cup since 1958. >> so you can understand the pain, the sorrow, the tears, the canolis. >> they were pretty disappointed. the fans knowing they won't watch the team compete for a fifth world title. now they're not even making it to the tournament. some online commentators said somewhat gleefully, arrivederci. meantime, sweden was so excited at qualifying they got tv commentators involved in the celebration. they rushed to the field. vehicli viking clapping, that's a different country. >> suffice it to say, they were pretty excited. >> look at it, score! >> oh, there goes the desk. >> man,
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>> oh, boy. >> come on, sweden, act like you've been there before. >> have they? >> no. [ laughter ] oh, man. congratulations. >> sorry, italy. at least you've got some pau pasta. >> at least we have france in there. coming up, an actor's wildly close encounter with a humpback whale, the story behind the incredible moment a little later in the show. plus, one of the comedians accusing louis ck speaks out. what she says she wishes she had done after the incident. you're watching "world news now."
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actor tom sizemore is the latest to be accused of sexual misconduct. >> he is known for playing tough guy roles in "black hawk down", he's accused of sexually molesting a 11-year-old actress. he was removed from the set of "bourne killers" after the actress told her parents. the actress is now 26 and tells the "hollywood
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hired a lawyer to explore charges against sizemore and her parents. rebecca cory says the harassment she endured was part of an open secret in the business. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: a louis ck accuser is speaking out about what she calls the open secret about the comedian. >> it was actually sort of common knowledge in the comedy world. people made jokes about it all the time. >> reporter: then she says it happened to her. actress and comedian rebecca cory seen here in ""2 broke girls"" says in 2005 louis approached her when she was working on a tv pilot. i was watching the set to shoot my scene and he approached me and got really close to my face and said can i ask you something? and i said yes. and he said can i master bait in front of you in your dressing
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room. >> reporter: she says when courteney cox and david arquette found out they were disturbed and supportive. >> i wanted to pretend like it never happened. i mean, i wanted to do my job. those opportunities are few and fa far between. i most certainly didn't want to be the person responsible for shutting down a production or part of the narrative. >> reporter: her one regret? >> if i could do anything differently, it would be that day, i would have shut down production. i would have confronted it and i would have dealt with it then, because i have learned that doing nothing, saying nothing is not helpful. >> now we're so afraid of women. >> reporter: many in the standup comedy scene said the rumors of his behavior were an open secret for the peast decade. some make being jokes about it on stage.
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an apology. what i learned later in life is that the power i had over these women is that they admired me. and i wielded that power irresponsibly. we're going to switch gears to consumer news. mattel is adding something to barbie's wardrobe she has never worn before, a hijab. it is modeled after an olympic fencer. >> she became the first to compete while wearing the traditional head scarf. she went when mattel first approached her saying she hopes kids take the hijab off and try it on other barbie dolls. the latest gadgets, next.
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♪ finding the perfect toy for tech-savvy kids can be a little overwhelming for both adults and
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an expert here to hone in on the best gadgets for your techie kids. >> the tech is in our world and in our toys, and we're going to jump right in with something called light seekers. we're going to combine an action and adventure game and it's something made just for the device. i'm going to give you this little character here and resume this game. and you will see that you can fly him right through. go ahead and try to get the coins. you don't need a base, you don't need anything. there are trading cards that go with light seekers so kids can trade them and unlock other things in the game. >> i don't think i'm very good with this game. >> and there are different accessories you can get. >> something just happened. >> you'll feel something. >> i crashed. >> and they say things. they're a fun personality. >> it that's
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>> it is really awesome. now we want to introduce you to the most interactive baby you will ever see. >> oh. oh, hello. >> this is love-a-bella. >> oh, hello, love-a-bella. >> you can tickle her feet. >> that's a little freaky. >> she has thousands of words and phrases that she says. let's see if she's hungry? oh, i missed her mouth. >> that's kind of like feeding a real baby, right? you got to get the timing just right. oh, wow. ? >> so all her toying as are interactive. >> she starts out babbling. she will interact with all of her toys and go to sleep on demand. >> if only real babies would do that. >> kitty buzz. it is a smart device for kids as
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y young as 4 years old. parents can put together a contact list and kids can send them text messages, photos. >> an intro phone in a way? ? >> it is. it comes preloaded with 40 apps that are all educational. and it has a camera, kids can take selfies or a regular picture. i want to introduce you to vr, virtual reality. you can get "jurassic world" or batman. but i have batman loaded in. if you go in and hold this controller. i'm going to put this in your hand. >> let me put this guy on. >> or i can do it for you. now you're in gotham city, okay? >> uh-huh. >> you can play moving batman or as batman. you can look all around. >> oh, wow. >> up, down. >> it's like a whole
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in here. ? you are in a whole other world. and finally, this is our air leap. >> there's a lot going on here. >> there is. >> this is a drone. >> drl. it's a racing drone, also a vision drone. so whatever i'm doing -- >> i can see it all in here. >> and you're seeing it in real tea time. this is how it comes. >> as you fly the gredrone you get a full visual of what it's seeing. >> you can be a beginner, an intermediate or advanced flyer. let's see if we can get a little height on this. >> ooh. >> well, okay. s >> and i can see all of this. i can see the strategage manage mark. >> hoping i don't hoyt anythiit. >> you
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call now and request your free decision guide... and start gathering the information you need to help you go long™. ♪ all right, it is time for "this happened". we're going to start with some pretty awesome gopro video on the jersey shore. the surfer was ot therut there, brian shay, this humpback whale goes right up to him while he's paddleboarding. he says he's been in the water now for 40 years and has never seen anything like this. i can't detell if he's screamin in joy or terror. >> he sounds pretty pumped but immediaty
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to the coast. ooh, that's great, all right, where is the coastline? >> as you know, this year, the touchdown celebrations have been a lot of fun yet again. the nfl has stopped fining players for it. so the vikings over the weekend against the washington redskins, did a little leap frog. >> okay. >> not bad, not bad. >> i'll give it a seven. >> we'll give them a seven. let's go north of the border. i think they one-upped it again. the cfl team, the ottawa red-blacks scored a touchdown there, and then wait for it, dunn, dunn, dunn, dunn, dunn, dunn. >> i love that. i need to remember this for the next wedding i go to. >> i would say that we give them a good nine. a good nine. >> yeah, that's a nine. well done, gentlemen. speaking of well done,
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done to this band of t-rex to have it out on someone they thought put their christmas decorations up too early. so they went out until the homeowner came out waving his cane. watch, one tumbles into the back of the truck. another jumps into the driver's seat and the third can't quite make it onto the truck and they leave him behind. the little t-rex arms, they can't quite get on there. i did a little digging. this video was made by the company who makes the t-rex costumes. it's still hilarious. it reminds me when kendis wore that same costume and couldn't sit back down in his chair. >> i would be the guy left behind. now to a real love story taking place in minnesota right now. yeah, between these two. you have max and crackers.
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now besties. they, they just hang out everywhere. >> oh. so max had a husky friend and
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this tuesday morning on "world news now," private messages between the president's son and wikileaks. >> donald trump jr. is now releasing a chain of messages that started during the election and continued after election day. and a new accuser comes forward with new details about what she says senate candidate roy moore did to her when she was only 16 years old. this as another woman has come forward to accuse former president h.w. bush of inappropriately touching her. and we have dramatic new video of a commercial jet bursting into flames on the


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